Everything You Need to Know About Android Q

Google I/O 2019, which is the IO developer conference held by Google every year, held recently and the company finally introduced Android 10 Q over there. It comes with a whole lot of new AI as well as privacy advanced, gestures, and exclusive features. The full name of Android Q isn’t revealed yet, but the internet world has started guessing the name such as Quibble, Quince, Quirks, Quesito, Qottab, and more.
When will it be available?
If you own a Google Pixel phone, you can check the third public beta of Android Q that is released just few days back. Though it is not finally delivered yet, and various changes will are, however, to be seen in the coming days. There are numerous other manufacturers in the list of “Android Q Beta Devices” provided by Google including OnePlus, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Xiaomi and more. Total 21 devices are covered in the list, which you can check by visiting the page.
Its final release?
Android 10 Q is expected to arrive around the third …

Everything You Need to Know about the New Rivet App

A smartphone can be either beneficial or harmful for your kids. It depends on the type of apps they use and the time they spend on devices. You can let your kids use phones and tablets as a learning tool by keeping only useful apps. Google has always been an excellent tool for learning new things for all age of people. And, its newly launched smart reading app for kids – Rivet – is ideal as well. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms and made specially to boost the reading habits of the young ones.
Area 120, which is a workshop for experimental projects of Google, has developed this app. It comes with more than 2,000 free books as well as an in-app assistant that is destined to help kids if they find it hard to use the app. Reading is one of the most important skills that most of the people need to indulge in, be it kids or elder people. With Rivet, Google is trying to let kids know the value of reading. This app is destined to help kids with reading through AI and speech…

5 Best Screenshot Apps and Extensions for Windows

Screenshots are an utmost necessity these days. No matter what device you use, you have to capture something from time to time. On that note, if you wish to have a snapshot or screenshot app for your Windows PC, this blog will help you with the best Windows screenshot apps and extensions.
Here are the best options for you:
1. Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool is a native screenshot application, available for free,  that is already there in your Windows computers. It is readily available on the computer that operating on Windows Vista and later versions.  Just type “Snipping Tool” in the search to find it.  Snipping Tool provides a Delay feature which lets you take screenshots of apps at a certain time,  the capability to save your screenshots in different formats. Also, the app allows enables users to mark their screenshot using its colorful highlighter along with pen options. Its interface is, however, outdated and will not look good on the recent Windows versions.
2. ShareX
ShareX is undoub…

5 Best Racing Games for Android Users in 2019

Racing games provide an enthralling experience, whether you play it on any platform. If you don’t have much time to play on other devices and own an Android phone, you can play racing games anywhere and anytime on your device. The Google Play Store boasts a lot of exciting racing games, and you can install the ideal ones from there. Not sure about the best games to choose? Worry not, as have compiled the list of the best racing games for you to enjoy.
Here are the best Android racing games for you:
1. Asphalt 9: Legends
If we talk about the most popular and best racing games available on the Google Play Store, Asphalt 9: Legends is one of them. It provides a tremendous virtual racing experience and consists of a vast collection of cars. Through, you need from one level to next from time to time for unlocking new ride or upgrading the ones that you own in the game. There is an option to race against online players as well. Its jaw-dropping graphics and the excellent soundtrack adds more…

Mortal Kombat 11: Guide To Unlock Bug-Vorah

Mortal Kombat 11 title is out for all the gaming platforms and players have been reporting some extreme gore and hot-blooded gameplay which would excite any action gaming fan. Still, a bug type character in the game namely D’Vorah is the creepiest of them all. This character has been brought to the new MK11 series from the previous Mortal Kombat title, but the developers at NetherRealm games have included some additional moves for this wicked character which features creepy insect as her weapons. Indeed her moves involve using bugs as projectiles which astonishes her enemies. Prior to the release of Mortal Kombat 11, an exclusive new move associated with the D’Vorah character was speculated namely Bug-Vorah. Many players and community members suggested this move to be a certain type of animalities which would allow players to shapeshift into some animal before dealing a fatal blow to their enemies. Still, beating all odds the Bug-Vorah move allows D’Vorah users to summon a giant bug …